Rug cleaning

Pet Friendly, Chemical Free, Eco friendly, Bio-degradable, Dry within hours and affordable!

Rug cleaning, most peoples rugs, are just as important as their carpets. The increased popularity of having laminate and wood flooring in the home means people are turning to large rugs to add a bit of a warmer finish to a room. They can also be great for protecting more expensive carpets in hallways and living rooms, gathering dirt and dust just as much as a carpet would. We take pride in cleaning short-medium pile rugs with great effect and much like our carpet cleaning process, uses a thorough, chemical free, bio-degradable and pet friendly cleaning procedure.

What we do in 3 deep rug cleaning steps…

Step 1:

We carefully assess the possible success of the rug cleaning process and give a fair and honest evaluation of how the rug may appear once cleaned. This is especially important for longer pile rugs as sometimes they are more difficult to clean. After the burn test, we explain the process to you, telling you exactly what we are going to do and use to clean your rug. We give you an estimated finishing time and also how long it might take for your rug to fully dry (drying times are a matter of hours- not days!)

Step 2:

We look at any stains on your rug, discuss what they are and the possible success of their removal. We are good at our job and we can remove a wide range of stains successfully, but just sometimes the rug can be permanently stained and we would make you aware of this before the cleaning commences. As standard we dry vacuum the rug either with the vacuum upright on both sides or with a hand tool so not to damage the fibres. We then apply the rug cleaning solution, which cleverly starts to break down the dirt in your rug immediately. As this is left to dwell in your rug, we use an agitation machine or soft hand brush to get the solution deep into the pile,

Step 3:

Finally, we extract the dirt rinsing the rug with hot water, heated to a high heat not to damage your rug, but powerfully sprayed into the fibres whilst sucking up the water straight after. We always make sure that we rinse out as much of the cleaning solutions as possible and leave your rugs smelling and feeling fresh. It will add the bounce back under your feet and be dry in a matter of hours. Our highly effective carpet and rug drying machine will assist with this to speed up the process.  

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