Upholstery cleaning Dewsbury

Upholstery cleaning Dewsbury, Pet Friendly, Chemical Free, Eco friendly, Bio-degradeable, Dry within hours and affordable!

Upholstery cleaning Deswbury, The Local Services provides a thorough and deep cleaning service for your upholstery. Whether it’s a sofa, chair or foot-stool, we upholstery clean each piece with care. The cost of a suite can be vast and keeping them cleaned and maintained is highly recommended. As with our carpet cleaning service, we take a similar detailed process to ensure your upholstery is clean and dry in the quickest time so you can continue to enjoy your furniture.

What we do in 3 deep Upholstery cleaning Dewsbury steps…

Step 1:

We take a few minutes to inspect your items, identifying the fabric type and whether it can be safely wet cleaned. We look at labels and take fibre strands if possible to test the make-up of the fabrics- this isn’t always straight forward as there can be many fibres that make up one cushion cover. However, before we carry out the cleaning, we test the solutions in an area that can’t be seen to ensure that there are no issues and carry out the crush test for extra security.

Step 2:

Once we are happy to proceed, we set up the room, laying down sheets to protect your carpets from water and give your sofas and chairs a thorough dry vacuum of the cushion covers, frames and any other crumbs that can be found in hard to reach crevices. We continue then to apply the chemical free, eco-friendly and bio-degradable cleaning solution, giving a light spray on all of the covers. This is then lightly agitated with either a soft hand brush or machine agitation.

Step 3:

Once the stains have been broken down and the soiling has been distinguished, we rinse the solution and dirt out of the fabric using a powerful extraction machine, using plain hot water. It’s very important to us to have your sofa as dry as possible before we leave so we take the time to towel down all your cleaned upholstery to remove as much water as we can. We set up a drier to help the process along and also to help inspect the clean upholstery before we leave you to enjoy your furniture once more. 

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